Can My Cousin Sponsor My Studies in Australia?

International students often look to family members already living in Australia for financial support when planning to study in Australia. A common question that comes up is – can my cousin sponsor my studies in Australia?

The answer is yes, it is possible for your cousin to sponsor your tuition fees, living costs and other expenses related to studying in Australia. However, specific rules and evidence requirements apply to prove genuine family support and sufficient funds.

This guide explains how cousin sponsor study Australia student visa applications. It covers:

  • Validity of Cousin Funds for Visas
  • Documentation Needed from Cousin
  • Obligations and Risks of Cousin Sponsorship
  • Tips for Successful Sponsorship

Follow the guidance provided here to ensure your cousin’s student sponsorship helps your visa application rather than harms your chances.

Validity of Cousin Funds for Australian Visas

When assessing cousin sponsor study Australia applications, Australian immigration wants to see:

Types of Student Visa
  • Evidence you have sufficient financial capacity to support your study stay in Australia. This is part of the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria.
  • Proof the funds come from legitimate sources like family savings or income. Funds must not be borrowed.

So, can cousin sponsor study Australia be considered valid for visa purposes? Yes, if you meet these requirements:

  • Your cousin is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. Temporary visa holders cannot sponsor.
  • Your cousin provides an official affidavit declaring they will fully sponsor you, along with bank statements in their name showing funds to cover your tuition and living costs.
  • You prove your family relationship with your cousin through documents like birth certificates. First cousins can be accepted.
  • Your cousin is not in default of any past sponsorship obligations with the immigration department.

Funds shown must be savings, not loans. The statements should demonstrate consistent fund availability over time rather than a sudden lump sum deposit.

Documentation Needed from Sponsoring Cousin

To prove sufficient funds and family ties, these documents from your cousin sponsor study Australia are required:

  • Sponsorship affidavit – A legally binding declaration from your cousin agreeing to cover all your study and living costs in Australia. It should state the relationship clearly.
  • Bank statements – Recent bank account statements on official letterhead showing regular savings to cover your costs. Latest 3 to 6 months recommended.
  • Income proof – Pay slips or tax returns to prove your cousin has steady income to support you.
  • Proof of assets – Title deeds if sponsor owns property, share statements, fixed deposit certificates etc. These provide financial security.
  • Photo ID – Passport bio-page or Australian driver’s license showing cousin’s identity and residency status.
  • Relationship evidence – Birth certificates showing the family connection.

Provide complete sets of original documents as well as colour scans for your visa application.

Obligations and Risks of Cousin Sponsorship

If your cousin sponsor study Australia student visa, understand it creates the following obligations:

  • As sponsor, your cousin must ensure you maintain enrolment and satisfactory grades for your course duration. This gets reported to immigration.
  • You cannot work beyond the 40 hours per fortnight allowed by your visa. Breaching conditions risks cancellation and deportation.
  • Your cousin must inform immigration if you discontinue studies or depart Australia earlier than expected.
  • You must show evidence of health insurance throughout your visa validity.
  • If you overstay or breach visa conditions, your cousin can get banned from future sponsorships for a period of 5 years or more.

So both you and your cousin must comply with all visa rules if sponsorship is provided. Non-compliance can cause major immigration issues.

Tips for Successful Cousin Sponsorship

Some tips to ensure your cousin sponsor study Australia visa sponsorship goes smoothly:

  • Ensure your cousin fully understands their sponsorship duties and is willing to comply, before seeking their support.
  • Check your family relationship documents thoroughly prove your claimed cousin connection.
  • Your cousin should show adequate and stable funds. Avoid fixed deposits created solely for sponsorship.
  • Explain why you need cousin sponsorship clearly in your visa statement of purpose.
  • Provide a backup option like paid tuition installments so all costs don’t fall on your cousin.
  • Maintain regular contact with your sponsoring cousin even after getting your visa.
  • Focus on your studies and maintain high grades to avoid jeopardising your cousin’s obligations.

With proper planning and adherence to rules by both parties, cousin sponsorship can work for Australian student visas.


Yes, it is possible for your cousin cousin sponsor study Australia to provide financial sponsorship for your student visa application. However, extensive documentation is required to confirm family ties and sufficient funds as per immigration rules.

Make sure both you and your sponsoring cousin cousin understand the obligations and risks when providing a formal affidavit of support for your visa. Follow all visa conditions meticulously to have a rewarding study experience in Australia.

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