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The Occupational English Test, better known as OET, is an international English language proficiency exam that assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. The OET is recognized by healthcare boards and councils in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, and Ukraine.

If you are a healthcare professional looking to practice in Australia, passing the OET exam is mandatory for registration. The exam evaluates your English proficiency through four sub-tests – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

While some parts of the OET preparation process can be self-managed, working with a coaching institute like 13 Dream Consultants that specializes in OET training can maximize your chances of success. Here is a comprehensive guide on how 13 Dream Consultants can assist you with OET exam preparation for healthcare practice in Australia

Understanding OET Exam Pattern and Scoring

The first step towards effective OET preparation guidance is to understand the exam pattern, style of questions, allotted time and scoring system.

OET Exam Pattern and Scoring
Ref: texasreview

Each sub-test is separately timed and conducted on the same day in the following order:

  • Listening – Approximately 45 minutes with 40 questions
  • Reading – 60 minutes with 42 questions
  • Writing – 45 minutes with 2 writing tasks
  • Speaking – 20 minutes with 8 speaking prompts

You are scored on a grade scale of A to E with A being the highest band. The target band score is 350 or above for each sub-test. An overall score of 350 is required for registration in Australia. The four skills are equally weighted.

Listening and reading contain a variety of question types like multiple choice questions, matching, fill in the blanks, etc. The speaking test involves simulated consultations with patients and role plays with the examiner. The writing test has two tasks – writing a letter usually a referral or discharge letter in 20 minutes and a short essay in 25 minutes.

OET Exam Marking Criteria

The key to OET preparation lies in understanding the marking criteria for each section. This helps you comprehend what aspects the examiners evaluate and enable focused training.

OET Exam Marking Criteria
Ref: lizzacademy

For writing, criteria include appropriate language for audience and purpose, logical content flow, use of cohesive devices, vocabulary range, grammatical range and accuracy.

For speaking, parameters range from intelligibility and fluency to discourse management, appropriateness of language, lexical resource and grammatical accuracy.

For Listening, listening is judged on overall comprehension while reading is marked on comprehension of main ideas, supporting details, lexical resource, coherence and cohesion. 

Choosing the Right OET Preparation Course

With the right guidance, it is possible to achieve the desired OET score for Australian eligibility within a couple of months. When choosing an OET coaching institute, some of the key factors to consider are:

Choosing the Right OET Preparation Course
  • Experience in successfully training OET candidates
  • Use of official OET practice material
  • Small-group classes with personalized attention
  • Instructors who are qualified healthcare professionals
  • Flexible batch timings for working professionals
  • Proven track record of getting candidates over the 350+ benchmark
  • Assistance with writing correction and feedback
  • Positive reviews and recommendations from past students

13 Dream Consultants ticks all the right boxes when it comes to OET training for Australian requirements.

Overview of 13 Dream Consultants OET Exam Guidance Bareilly

Here is an overview of the comprehensive OET coaching provided by 13 Dream Consultants:

  1. Free Orientation Session

Before you enroll, you can attend a 1-hour free session to learn more about the test format, evaluation criteria, band score requirements and gain guidance on the preparation process. Their student support team is also available to address any queries.

  1. Study Material

You will get access to official OET preparation books covering guidance, strategies, and practice questions for all sub-parts. Any revisions or updates to the test format are also shared along the way.

  1. Expert Instructors

Classes are conducted in small batches of 6-8 students by instructors trained in OET teaching principles. They are also healthcare professionals like nurses, pharmacists, doctors etc. who can provide insights into terminology and scenarios.

  1. Live Classes

The intensive training program has regular interactive classes to build your skills. You are free to record these for later revision. Classes and assessments are designed to simulate real OET exam conditions.

  1. Assessment and Feedback

There is continuous evaluation through weekly mocks and assessments. Your writing samples are reviewed to provide personalized correction and feedback to help improve.

  1. Speaking Sessions

You get to practice one-on-one speaking sessions with specialized trainers. Mock roleplays and model responses are prepared. Your speaking is recorded to help analyze areas of improvement.

  1. Study Portal Access

Students get 24/7 access to the online study portal with learning resources,recorded lessons, quizzes, webinars and coach support to supplement live classes.

  1. Counseling Services

The institute provides individual counseling to deal with exam stress and preparation worries. Students are guided on time management, booster sessions, diet and relaxation tips as well.

Key Aspects of OET Exam Guidance Bareilly

Here are some vital elements to cover in your OET exam preparation:

Listening Practice

  • Learn Australian pronunciation styles and accents
  • Improve listening skills for fast-paced audio
  • Practice note-taking from long audio passages
  • Work on interpreting key details from recordings
  • Train to focus on relevant information within allotted time

Reading Techniques

  • Skim read short texts and scan long texts strategically
  • Deduce meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary from context
  • Identify and understand paraphrasing in questions
  • Comprehend key concepts and facts from passages
  • Manage time to answer all reading parts fully

Writing Drills

  • Learn the norms of writing formal letters and essays
  • Build relevant healthcare vocabulary and terminologies
  • Practice brainstorming ideas within limited time
  • Work on organizing content logically and cohesively
  • Improve grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Get feedback from trainers on initial drafts

Speaking Preparation

  • Record roleplays to self-monitor speaking performance
  • Get trained in productive strategies for long turns
  • Build fluency for spontaneous responses within time limits
  • Expand medical vocabulary relevant to scenarios
  • Accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and dialect
  • Learn to think critically and apply concepts during speaking

Full-Length Mock Tests

  • Attempt timed full-length tests for all sections
  • Analyze mistakes and areas of improvement
  • Work on boosting speed, accuracy and technique
  • Gauge readiness and chances of achieving target scores
  • Use mocks for building exam-day confidence

Why Choose 13 Dream Consultants for OET Coaching in Australia?

Here are key reasons to choose 13 Dream Consultants for OET exam preparation and training:

  • Proven experience of 12+ years in training OET candidates
  • High OET pass rates and positive reviews from past students
  • Panel of qualified OET trainers with medical backgrounds
  • Small personalized classes of 5-8 students per trainer

-Flexibility in batch timings including weekday, weekend and evening slots

  • Free demo session to experience their teaching standards
  • Access to online student portal for self-study resources
  • Guaranteed re-training if you don’t achieve desired score in first attempt
  • End-to-end assistance with registration, materials, mock exams and counseling services

Case Study and Cost Details

Rhea Mathews is a dentist from Kerala who completed her BDS in 2020. She wished to pursue her career in Australia. After researching institutes, she enrolled for OET training with 13 Dream Consultants Hyderabad branch 3 months before her exam.

She attended their 60-hour coaching program and achieved an overall grade of A with scores of 360+ in all sections. She says the 1-on-1 speaking sessions, weekly writing feedback and full-length mocks were very helpful. 13 Dream training fee was Rs. 55,000 overall including materials. Rhea recommends 13 Dream for guaranteed success in OET.

Based on location and mode of training, 13 Dream OET exam guidance Bareilly costs range from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 60,000 overall. Their online training options also provide flexibility to join classes from any city.

Key Takeaways from 13 Dream Consultants OET exam guidance Bareilly

To summarize, here are the key advantages of 13 Dream Consultants’ OET exam preparation training:

  • Experienced instructors familiar with Australian healthcare system
  • Personal mentoring for speaking, writing and strategy
  • Exposure to all styles of test questions and simulations
  • Learning aids like recordings, individual feedback and portal access
  • Confidence building with intensive full-length mock tests
  • Support for registration, materials, counseling needs
  • Flexible batch timings

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