TOEFL Coaching In Bareilly

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test used by many colleges and universities in English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand to assess the English language proficiency of non-native speakers.

As one of the most widely accepted English proficiency exams, good TOEFL score is often a prerequisite for admission into foreign universities.

With Bareilly being a major education hub of North India, there are many students who aspire to study abroad and need to take the TOEFL exam. While self-preparation is possible, taking coaching from 13 dream consultation expert instructors on study visa Australia can make a huge difference in your test scores.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about TOEFL coaching in Bareilly- the best institutes, fees, courses, tips, and more.

Why TOEFL Exam for Study Visa?

TOEFL measures reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. A good score ranges from 80-120 and boosts your admission chances abroad. Personalized coaching provides structured guidance to ace the test.

 TOEFL Exam for Study Visa
Particulars Details
Official Website
Examination Mode Internet-Based Test
and Paper-Delivered Test
Number of Sections 4
TOEFL Exam Duration Approx. 3 hours (Internet-based test)
Approx. 2.5 hours (Paper-delivered test)
Skills Measured/Test Sections Reading, Listening,
Speaking and Writing
Overall Score Range 0 – 120
TOEFL Score Validity 2 years

Strong language skills, time management, motivated preparation with expert guidance are key. Stay focused on weaker areas and keep practicing regularly to crack the TOEFL with flying colors. The right coaching institute for TOEFL Preparation Near me makes a huge difference, so choose carefully! What matters is rigorous efforts, not big names.

TOEFL Exam Pattern

Sure, the TOEFL exam pattern consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Each section tests a different aspect of your English language skills, and the format and timing vary slightly between each. Here’s a breakdown of each section:

TOEFL Exam Pattern
TOEFL Exam Pattern
Ref: toeflresources.


  • Number of passages: 3-4 academic passages
  • Number of questions: 30-40
  • Time duration: 54-72 minutes
  • Format: You will read academic passages on a variety of topics and then answer multiple-choice questions about the main ideas, supporting details, vocabulary, and rhetorical devices used in the passages.


  • Number of sections: 4-6 lectures or conversations
  • Number of questions: 28-39
  • Time duration: 41-57 minutes
  • Format: You will listen to lectures, conversations, and classroom discussions and then answer multiple-choice questions about the main ideas, supporting details, and speaker attitudes.
TOEFL Sections Number of
Reading 30-40
54-72 minutes
Listening 28-39
41-57 minutes
Break 10 minutes
Speaking 4 tasks 17 minutes
Writing 2 tasks  50 minutes


  • Number of tasks: 4 tasks
  • Time duration: 17 minutes
  • Format: You will speak on a variety of topics, including expressing an opinion, describing a familiar object or experience, responding to a question about a reading passage, and summarizing a short lecture.


  • Number of tasks: 2 tasks
  • Time duration: 50 minutes
  • Format: You will write two essays, one integrated and one independent. The integrated essay requires you to summarize information from a reading passage and a listening passage, while the independent essay requires you to express your opinion on a given topic.

Important note:

  • The total time for the TOEFL exam is approximately 4 hours.
  • You are allowed a 10-minute break between the Speaking and Writing sections.
  • The score range for each section is 0-30, and your total score is the sum of your scores on all four sections.

Types of TOEFL Exam

There are several types of TOEFL exams, each designed to assess your English language skills in different ways. Here are the most common ones:

Types of TOEFL Exam
  • TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test):  This is the most popular type of TOEFL exam, and it is accepted by more than 11,500 universities and institutions in over 160 countries. The TOEFL iBT is a computer-based test that assesses all four English language skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The test takes about 4 hours to complete and costs $225 to register.
  • TOEFL Essentials: This is a shorter and more affordable version of the TOEFL iBT. It is designed for students who need to demonstrate their English language skills for non-degree programs, such as vocational training or exchange programs. The TOEFL Essentials is a computer-based test that assesses reading, listening, and speaking skills. The test takes about 2 hours to complete and costs $130 to register.
  • TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program): This is a paper-based test that is administered by individual institutions, such as universities and language schools. The TOEFL ITP is not as widely accepted as the TOEFL iBT, but it may be a good option if you are applying to a specific institution that requires it. The test format and cost vary depending on the institution.
  • TOEFL Junior®: This is a test designed for students in grades 4-8 who are interested in studying abroad. The TOEFL Junior® assesses reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills in a way that is appropriate for younger learners. The test takes about 3 hours to complete and costs $95 to register.
  • TOEFL Primary®: This is a test designed for students in grades 1-3 who are interested in studying abroad. The TOEFL Primary® assesses listening and speaking skills in a way that is appropriate for young children. The test takes about 60 minutes to complete and costs $75 to register.

The best type of TOEFL exam for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. If you are unsure which test is right for you, you can contact the institution you are applying to or a TOEFL advisor for more information.

How to Register for TOEFL Exam 2024?

Registering for the TOEFL exam in 2024 is a straightforward process that can be done online, by phone, or through mail. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate it:

How to Register for TOEFL Exam 2024?

Online Registration:

  1. Visit the official TOEFL website: Head over to and create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Choose your test: Select “TOEFL iBT®” or “TOEFL Essentials” depending on your needs and requirements.
  3. Find a test date and location: Explore available test dates and locations near you. You can filter by date range, city, or country.
  4. Register and pay the fees: Fill out the registration form, confirm your details, and pay the registration fee using a credit card or debit card. The fee for the TOEFL iBT is $225 and for the TOEFL Essentials is $130.
  5. Schedule your speaking test (optional): If you’re taking the TOEFL iBT and prefer a specific date or time for the speaking section, you can schedule it separately after completing the registration process.

Phone Registration:

  1. Call the ETS customer service number: Dial +1-883-734-1234 (toll-free in the US and Canada) or +1-914-909-3000 (international).
  2. Provide your information: Share your personal details, preferred test date and location, and chosen test type (TOEFL iBT or Essentials) with the customer service representative.
  3. Pay the fees: The representative will guide you through the payment process over the phone.

Mail Registration:

  1. Download the registration form: Print the appropriate registration form from the TOEFL website.
  2. Fill out the form: Complete the form carefully, providing all required information.
  3. Include payment: Mail the completed form along with a money order or check payable to “ETS-TOEFL” to the address provided on the form.

Important Reminders:

  • Registration deadlines: Register well in advance of your desired test date, as popular slots fill up quickly. Standard registration closes seven days before the test date, and late registration (with an additional fee) closes four days before.
  • Identification requirements: You’ll need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID to the test center.
  • Score cancellation: You can cancel your scores or request a score review within six months of your test date, but these actions involve additional fees.

By following these steps and considering the important reminders, you can successfully register for the TOEFL exam in 2024 and take the next step towards your academic or professional goals.

What is the TOEFL Exam Fees for 2024?

The TOEFL exam fee for 2024 depends on two main factors:

TOEFL Exam Fees 2024
  1. The type of TOEFL exam you are taking: There are two main types of TOEFL exams: the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL Essentials. The TOEFL iBT is the more widely accepted test and costs more than the TOEFL Essentials.
  2. Your location: The TOEFL exam fee can vary depending on your location. In some countries, there may be additional fees for things like taxes or administrative costs.

Here is a breakdown of the TOEFL exam fees for 2024:


  • Standard registration fee: $225 USD
  • Late registration fee: $40 USD (applies if you register within 4 days of the test date)
  • Score review fee: $80 USD per section (Speaking or Writing) or $160 USD for both sections

TOEFL Essentials:

  • Standard registration fee: $130 USD
  • Late registration fee: $40 USD (applies if you register within 4 days of the test date)

Additional fees:

  • Sending score reports: There may be an additional fee to send your score reports to institutions.
  • Rescheduling fee: There is a $60 USD fee to reschedule your test date.
  • Reinstatement of cancelled scores: There is a $20 USD fee to reinstate cancelled scores.

Why Take TOEFL Coaching in Bareilly?

Here are some key reasons why taking professional TOEFL coaching in Bareilly can benefit you:

Why Take TOEFL Coaching in Bareilly
  • Personalized guidance from experienced instructors
  • Learn essential tips and strategies for cracking each section
  • Get familiar with the exam pattern and question types
  • Take full-length TOEFL mock tests for realistic practice
  • Clear your doubts and queries through expert mentoring
  • Stay motivated with a structured study plan & schedule
  • Gain an edge over self-studying with an organized classroom program

TOEFL Coaching in Bareilly Course Details

The TOEFL preparation courses in Bareilly generally have the following structure:

  • Comprehensive classroom lectures covering English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills needed for TOEFL
  • Practice drills for each test section – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing
  • Tips and strategies to crack the exam and manage time efficiently
  • Full-length TOEFL mock tests for practice in realistic exam conditions
  • Doubt resolution with faculty for any queries or areas of improvement
  • Preparatory study materials including books, online resources, mock test papers etc.
  • Flexible batch timings including weekends & weekdays
  • Duration ranging from short-term crash courses to long-term programs up to 6 months

The fees range from Rs 8000 to Rs 35,000 approximately depending on the institutes’ experience and offerings. The duration varies from 1 month to 6 months as per your target test date and preparation requirements.

Registration Process of TOEFL coaching in Bareilly

To enroll for TOEFL coaching, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the institutes or check our website for admission details
  • Choose suitable batch timings as per your schedule
  • Fill the registration or admission form with required details
  • Submit required documents and fees to complete enrollment
  • Attend a counseling session if required by the institute
  • Join the batch on the commencement date

we also allow online registration through their website or phone. The required documents are generally 10th/12th mark sheet, passport photograph, government ID proof, and fee payment.

TOEFL Preparation Tips

Along with TOEFL coaching in Bareilly, also remember these key tips to crack the TOEFL:

  • Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the exam format and syllabus
  • Go through TOEFL sample papers and model tests for practice
  • Build your vocabulary with a target to learn 10 new words daily
  • Time yourself strictly during mock tests for real exam practice
  • Work on your grammar, pronunciation, and spoken fluency
  • opt for the official TOEFL prep material available online
  • Develop effective strategies for stronger reading comprehension
  • Summarize passages while reading to improve retention
  • Listen to English news, speeches, podcasts to improve listening skills
  • Write timed essays on diverse topics to improve writing skills
  • Seek instructor feedback to analyze your weak and strong areas
  • Stay motivated with a positive mindset and take breaks to relieve stress

With rigorous preparation using the right resources and guidance, you can achieve your target TOEFL score successfully. Stay disciplined, focused and keep practicing regularly.

Related Questions on TOEFL coaching in Bareilly:

What is the fees range for TOEFL coaching in Bareilly?

The average fees range for TOEFL coaching in Delhi is Rs 8000 to Rs 35,000 depending on the institute, course duration, and offerings. Many institutes also offer flexible custom packages.

Which institute is the best for TOEFL preparation in Bareilly?

one of the best institutes for TOEFL coaching in bareilly is 13 Dream Consultants.

How many months does it take to prepare for TOEFL in Bareilly?

The duration of TOEFL coaching in Delhi can range from 1 month for short term intensive crash courses to 6 months for comprehensive long term programs as per your requirements. On average, 2-3 months preparation is recommended.

What is the structure of TOEFL classes in coaching institutes?

The structure of TOEFL classes includes lessons on grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening & speaking skills, full-length mock tests, doubt clearing, preparatory materials, tips & strategies for time management and scoring.

How can I improve my vocabulary for TOEFL?

Some tips to improve vocabulary for TOEFL include learning 10 new words daily, reading English newspapers/books, using flashcards, taking vocabulary tests, using roots/prefixes/suffixes to understand word meanings, and focusing on words from past TOEFL exams.

How should I prepare for the Writing section of TOEFL?

For TOEFL writing preparation, practice timed essay writing on diverse topics, work on grammar and sentence structuring skills, read sample essays, take notes while reading passages, improve vocabulary and learn idioms/phrases to enrich writing.

What kind of listening practice can help score better in TOEFL?

To improve TOEFL listening skills, watch English news channels, listen to educational podcasts, speeches and lectures, note down key points, practice with past exam audio clips, and focus on understanding native accents.

How can I manage my time effectively in the TOEFL exam?

To manage time efficiently in TOEFL, skip difficult questions and come back later, pace yourself section-wise, practice mock tests within the allotted time, develop quick reading skills, and spend more time on your stronger sections.


A good TOEFL score is essential to get into top universities abroad, and taking coaching in Delhi can give you the right guidance and practice to achieve this successfully. Choose an institute carefully based on faculty, resources, fees, custom courses and past record. Complement your coaching with

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